Paul Pigeon II (PJ)

PJ lives in the Pennsylvania (717), as a former Marine, he loves spending time with his wife and daughter. When he is not with the family, he is tying flies in the shop. If he has time he likes to go fly fishing for trout. Being on the water with flies he has tied and catching fish is relaxing and is extremely rewarding. When tying flies, if the fly does not look right, he will strip the hook and rework it till it is correct. He has been fishing since 2007 and fly fishing since beginning of 2016. He enjoys it very much but was upset that he could not find flies and the quality of the flies available was very poor. He started tying his own around mid 2016 and now goes by the screen name “Pigeon Fly Tying”. This year he joined the 406 Fly Boys as one of the fly tyers.