Ep2: Beginner fly fishing- Leader, Tippet, Nets and what you need to round out your fishing setup.

In this episode we go over the rest of the essentials you will need to get out on the water.

Trout Unlimited plays a huge part in conservation and the preservation of our cold water fisheries. If you haven’t yet look up your local chapter and check out what they have going on. There are many volunteering, social and other opportunities to take part in. At the local annual TU banquet we met up with Bob Jacklin, fishing legend, guide and fly shop owner. Check out his fish of a lifetime video


What do the number and X designations mean? There is also a length of leader for every situation. When should you change your leader?

Scientific Anglers 





Tippet saves you money. The knots are easy to learn and it gives you a lot of versatility. Match the tippet to the leader size you use.



If you are just getting started it is easier to buy your flies. There is a myriad of different colors and sizes to fit any situation. If you are more experienced or if you want to tie something special then by all means you can play with making your own flies.

Dry Flies

Caddis flies

PMD (Pale Morning Dun)


Royal Wulff


Prince Nymph

Pheasant Tail

Copper John

Hare’s Ear



San Juan Worms



Kelly’s Sex Dungeon



Woolly Bugger



A great tool to remove flies from fish. They come in many varieties but they are must have on the river. Dr. Slick 



You need a tool to trim excess line from your fly after you tie it on. In a pinch you can use a pair of nail clippers. Dr. Slick 


Something to carry all of your gear

Vest, backpack, fanny pack or sling you don’t have enough hands to hold it all and fish at the same time. This is purely a thing of preference. Simms Gear 


You don’t need to spend a fortune on nets but a hand net made with snagless netting will suite you and the fish well. Rubber Net 


Polarized glasses really reduce the glare off the water and reduce eye strain when you are out fishing. They range in cost quite a bit. Costa Glasses  


They are fairly expensive but not necessary to start fishing. Depending on how much you will use them and how much money you have to spend you can put off buying them for a while. You can get a pretty decent pair for around $150-200, and more if you can afford it.



Wading Boots

Felt bottoms are grippy but not allowed in many places. Rubber bottoms are easier to clean and you can add studs to increase traction.




Additional Items

Small Emergency Food



Bug Spray (without DEET)

Wading Stick


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